Sunday, July 13, 2008

Farewell, faithful friend

Laddie died on June 16, '08, at age 13. He was part collie, part retriever, part who-knows-what. Sweet-natured, loving. He lived a darn good life, walks nearly every day. Camping trips in our motorhome. He was finding it harder to jump into the car, and generally harder to get up from lying down, hard to get his back feet under him. At the end, and very suddenly, that's what did him in. He was walking on a beach with the whole family, and his hindquarters collapsed. He couldn't move at all. We kept him as comfortable as possible, but we had to make the heart-rending decision. A very tender, loving veterinarian put him down.
I took this picture of him by our rhododendrons in late May, about three weeks before he collapsed.
We cried so much I couldn't write about it until now, nearly a month later.

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