Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My new book coming SOON

"Love with a Welcome Stranger" will be out in ebook on September 19 (as expected), but date of the print edition has been moved up to January 2, 2009.
This contemporary western romance is a twist on a true feature article I did for Reader's Digest a few years ago. The real story was of a young woman who'd lost about a year of her memory (totally and always lost) in a horrible car crash. She had no memory of meeting, falling in love with, and marrying the man everyone said was her husband. She endured long months of painful rehabilitation, learning to walk, feed herself, and all the other things we take for granted. No matter how many times she saw the video of herself at her large wedding, she felt no connection to the man.
Finally, he realized he had to win her all over again, so they dated and slowly she fell in love -- for the first time, and yet -- again.
Their story was in a dozen magazines and was featured on Oprah, Dateline NBC, Inside Edition, and more TV shows. It was made into a book and a TV movie.
So, in real life, the young woman was surrounded by people who knew the truth, that she loved this man enough to marry him. She was the only one who didn't understand it.
In my fictional story, only two people know that Mandy (daughter of a wealthy businessman) and Cam (a poor cowboy who worked on the ranch) had a love affair when she was 18 and he was 24. Those two people are Mandy and Cam. At the end of that summer, Mandy left Montana and Cam behind--in anger--and moved to California to live the life of a Hollywood starlet. TWELVE YEARS LATER --- Mandy is shot by a deranged fan and has to relearn simple things. Some of her memory returns; some events are lost.
Her memory of Cam West--and their love affair--is part of what's lost.
When she returns to Montana and meets a handsome, successful horse breeder, she thinks she's falling for a stranger. Cam tries to avoid her, and tries to hold on to his righteous anger, but he's in big trouble. He has to tell her the truth, but how and when can he give her such a shock? And while he's walking that tightrope, he's lost in memories of the Mandy he knew so intimately.
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Kelly McCrady said...

After one week, you're #10 on the main page bestseller list--that's bestsellers company-wide for TWRP

Way to go!